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  • Describes Warfarin interaction with Beetroot. Beetroot has been used for medicinal purpose, & seems to be blood cleansing properties.

  • If you have any comment or suggestion, please feel free to drop me a massage.

  • Describes warfarin interaction with dried figs.

  • Describes Warfarin interaction with Garlic. I did some research on the properties of Garlic & found out that it had anti-clotting effects.

  • Describes personal experience of Warfarin with green tea. Read on to understand the adverse impact of green tea on anticoagulation effects.

  • Describes personal experience of Warfarin interaction with sudden increase in intake of high Vitamin K vegetables.

  • About Bell's life on warfarin. Having a mechanical heart valve & currently on life-long warfarin therapy, Bell shares her life experiences with regards to warfarin diet, warfarin side effects, as well as possible warfarin interactions.

  • Describes personal experience of Warfarin with mangosteen. Read on to understand the adverse impact of mangosteen on warfarin medication.

  • My Warfarin Blog - An Interactive Platform for Warfarin Users & Their Families.

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  • Describes warfarin interaction with vinegar. I discovered that pure, concentrated vinegar may increase the effects of warfarin by reducing blood clotting actions.

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  • My personal experience of taking antibiotics while being on warfarin. My INR had increased tremenously.

  • I noticed that I get tired more easily ever since I started on warfarin.

  • I noticed my hair dropped more (& easily) ever since I started on warfarin therapy.

  • Warfarin effects can be affected by illnesses. Describes effects of warfarin due to persistent episodes of diarrhoea & vomiting.

  • Many medications can affect the way warfarin works.

  • Important advice for warfarin users. Find out about the Do's & Don't's.

  • Learn more about warfarin diet - the types of food & beverages & medication that can & will interfere with the effects of warfarin.

  • Real life experiences. Learn more about warfarin/coumadin side effects, as well as other effects of warfarin/coumadin.

  • People who need warfarin therapy may have.....

  • Warfarin (also known as Coumadin) is an anticoagulant that works by inhibiting Vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors.

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