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Warfarin & Mangosteen

I am a mangosteen lover.

I love the sweet & unique taste of mangosteens, especially Thailand's mangosteens.

They are simply great!

I like whenever there is good mangosteen harvest. It means there will be plenty of fresh, cheap mangosteens being sold everywhere. I can easily purchase about 5-7kgs at any one time & share them with my family. 

Mangosteen & Warfarin

In May09, I took about 700-800grams of fresh mangosteens for consecutively 2 days.

By the 2nd night, when I took my INR, I noticed that my INR had increased from my usual range of 2.3 to 3.1.

Also, in an separate episode in May09, I had quite a lot of mangosteens in one afternoon. Then, I recalled that I had yet to take my warfarin (usually taken in the morning), hence I popped the warfarin tablets into my mouth as soon as I remembered. I took my warfarin in less than 30mins after the mangosteen feast.

About 20 minutes later, I felt extremely tired. My feet felt very heavy & I was almost dragging my feet in the house when I walked. I was feeling very fatigue & had become a little disoriented. I had to make extra effort to walk properly & to avoid knocking into furnitures.

I quickly went to my bed & lay down as I felt that I might fall down anytime if I was not careful.

I did not know why I had suddenly felt so tired & lethargic. I rested for about 45 minutes before I felt better.

I was curious over what had come over me. I recalled that I had no "special" diet except taking lots of mangosteen & taking my warfarin after that.

I began to recap what might be the possible cause. The only "unique" thing I had done was taking my warfarin after my mangosteen feast. From internet, I learnt that mangosteen had antioxidant effects, might increase the risk of bleeding & could also cause sedation.

But, there was another saying that claimed mangosteen could naturally promote the production of red blood cells, & hence, might negatively counteract the works of warfarin.

In my case, mangosteens seemed to enhance my anticoagulation effects, as my INR increased significantly, & that it had induced some kind of sedation effect over me when I took warfarin after I had lots of mangosteens.

It was not a pleasant experience. I dreaded to think what could have happen if one was driving, or carrying a baby when it happened?

Hence, I would like to caution all warfarin users against taking warfarin immediately after having mangosteens. With the kind of effect it may have over one's reaction & response time, it can be very dangerous or even life threatening (depending on one's situation).

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